How it Works

1. Examples of our current Flat-Fee MLS® Listings.

2. YouTube Video shows exactly how Buyers will find Seller's contact information on

3. What is a Mere Posting on a real estate board's MLS® System?

4. How will Buyers and other Brokers find my MLS® Listing online?

5. What is the duration of my MLS® listing?

6. How showings are booked by interested buyers?

7. When can I see my listing on

8. Does MLS® Flat-Fee Listing, or Mere Posting look different than a "Full-Service" Listing?

9. Is it possible to link the MLS® listing to my FSBO webpage?

10. Should I enter the same details on both, the MLS® Listing and on my FSBO webpage?

11. How much information and description can I post in the flat-fee MLS® listing?

12. Do I have to pay commission to Co-operating Brokers?

13. Can I state in the MLS® listing how much commission I am willing to pay?

14. Are there any additional fees depending on where in Canada the listing is posted?

15. Are there any additional fees for changes and extensions?

16. How do I make changes or alterations to the MLS® listing?

17. What should I do when my property is sold?

18. Am I obligated to disclose defects, hazards or stigma affecting the property?

19. Who is responsible for the accuracy of information on MLS® System?

20. If I decide to upgrade to a Full Service Listing, can the flat fee be refunded?

21. What happens after I sign up?